BILLIE IDLE Announce New Album, Titled “LAST ALBUM”

Billie Idle 3rd Album

BILLIE IDLE have announced the release of their 4th album titled LAST ALBUM.

Out November 22nd, the album will be promoted with a tour titled LAST TOUR.

Not surprisingly, the title is causing quite the discussion among fans who are unsure if the title is simply a joke, a bad use of English, or if it’s actually their last album as a group. It doesn’t help that every mention of the tour or album is usually followed by “more details will be released soon”.

In fact, even First Summer Uika is confused by the title and mentions that she even tried to look up the definition in a dictionary but will just continue to work hard until she finds out the real answer:

So pretty much: we have no idea what’s going to happen. But, we are at least getting a new album, a new tour to promote it, and most likely another green screen MV to enjoy.

Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully we get to see more of them!

BILLIE IDLE releases on CDJapan




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