Nogizaka46 Announce 19th Single


Nogizaka46 have announced the release of their 19th single titled Itsuka Dekirukara Kyou Dekiru.

Out October 11th, the single will be used as the theme song for the movie Asahinagu which will be released on September 22nd.

The movie Asahinagu is a live-action adaption of a manga by Kozaki Ai. The story involves a girl in high school called Tojima Asahi (played by Nishino Nanase) who joins a martial arts club at school and begins to compete in several tournaments nationwide.

Asahinagu features several other Nogizaka46 members in the cast including Shiraishi Mai, Sakurai Reika, Ikuta Erika, Matsumura Sayuri, Ito Marika, Nakada Kana, and Saito Yuri.

We don’t have much info about the single itself, but thankfully those who are curious about the movie are in luck since we already have a trailer for the movie. For now, make sure to check out the trailer below and get ready for another great release this October!

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