NGT48 Announce 2nd Single

ngt48 2nd single

NGT48 have announced their currently untitled 2nd single.

Out December 6th, the single will feature Ogino Yuka as center.

The members selected for this release include:

  • Ogino Yuka (Center)
  • Oguma Tsugumi
  • Kashiwagi Yuki
  • Kato Minami
  • Kitahara Rie
  • Sato Anju
  • Sugahara Riko
  • Takakura Mokea
  • Tano Ayaka
  • Nakai Rika
  • Nishigata Marina
  • Hasegawa Rena
  • Honma Hinata
  • Murakumo Fuka
  • Yamaguchi Maho
  • Yamada Noe
  • Kado Yuria (Kenkyuusei)
  • Miyajima Aya (Kenkyuusei)

Yuka being center is a nice surprise since she has been fairly popular since she got 5th place in the Senbatsu. However, she does have the talent to be center and so far she has been doing a great job with other releases so she seems like a solid choice.

No other info related to the title, amount of versions, or track lists is out, but I’m definitely looking forward to finding out more about this release!

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