Koda Kumi “HUSH” MV Released

koda kumi hush cover

Koda Kumi has released the MV for her 61st single titled HUSH.

Out since October 4th, the single is available digitally worldwide.

If you’re a fan of MS Paint and rapping, then you’ll feel right at home with Koda Kumi’s latest MV.

Featuring an incredibly cool sound combined with some sweet dance moves, each scene of this MV features a colorful effect that plays as she moves. It’s a bit awkward at first but soon each effect helps give the lyrics a visual flair that is so cool.

If you want a physical copy of this release you’ll have to go to a concert venue. But, it’s available digitally for those who wish to get down with the cool beats. Make sure to check it out below!

Koda Kumi

koda kumi hush cover



  1. HUSH
  2. HUSH -Instrumental-

Koda Kumi OHP