Here Are The WACK Expo Results

wack expo 2018

The WACK Expo has just wrapped up, here are the results and how BiS, BiSH, GANG PARADE, and EMPiRE will change.

Compared to previous expos, most of the members who won were immediately added to their existing groups. This is a pretty interesting change since it gives fans no time at all to react, which is normal if you’re Watanabe.

gang parade liso liso yokoyama hina
Liso Liso (Left), Yokoyama Hina (Right)

GANG PARADE added two new members: Liso Liso and Yokoyama Hina. There was also a name change for one of the members, with Maika now being known as Can GP Maika. It’s a big change, but I’m sure we’ll be able to get used to it with time.

empire michihayashi rio yaya eight prince
Michihayashi Rio (Left), Yaya Eight Prince (Right)

EMPiRE saw a pretty big change, despite having barely just debuted. They added two new members, Michihayashi Rio and Yaya Eight Prince. There was another change, with YUiNA moving to BiS. This is a pretty interesting move since she fits in well with the group, with her being the shortest member.

bis orangeko vampire gamiya saki cent chihiro
(Left to Right) Orangeko Vampire, Gamiya Saki, Cent Chihiro Tette

BiS saw the biggest change of all. With Pour Lui leaving the group it seems like Watanabe is experimenting a bit with the structure of the group. First of all, there were 6 new members added:

  • Cent Chihiro Tette
  • Gamiya Saki
  • Orengeko Vampire
  • Ayuna C
  • Choushouji Megumi
  • YUiNA

So, now that BiS has 12 members, is that all that’s changing? Nope. BiS will now be divided into 2 teams: BiS 1st and BiS 2nd. Here are the new lineups:

BiS 1st

  • Pan Luna Leafy
  • Gojira
  • Momoland
  • Cent Chohiro Tette
  • Gamiya Saki
  • Orangeko Vampire

BiS 2nd

  • Peri Ubu
  • Aya Eight Prince
  • Kika Front Frontale
  • Ayuna C
  • Choushouji Megumi
  • YUiNA

Finally, BiSH did not change at all, which is great news. The current lineup is incredibly talented and they’re currently doing great for themselves. As for the names of the new members I expect them to change soon enough, so stay tuned for their updated names.

For now, it seems like Watanabe is slowly but surely becoming the Aki-P of alternative idols. Could we someday see a BiS48? Time will tell, but I’m looking forward to seeing how these new members change the groups! | Homicidols