BAND-MAID Go Traditional And Transform Into BAND-MAIKO

band-maiko secret maiko lips

BAND-MAID members have transformed into a band called BAND MAIKO and released a track titled secret MAIKO lips.

Out since April 1st, the track is available on iTunes and Spotify.

The April Fools tricks are out in full force already, with BAND-MAID transforming into a traditional band from the early days of Japan called BAND-MAIKO. In this release, BAND-MAIKO get to perform secret My lips from their modern BAND-MAID alter-ego but with a traditional flair, adding Japanese instruments into the mix.

It’s a pretty epic MV simply because of how the visuals work so well with the song. All of the members even wear geisha outfits and perform in a room with a traditional flair. Add in some fun activities involving calligraphy, throwing a fan at a tower, and more.

Well played BAND-MAID, well played. Make sure to check out this epic traditional MV below and grab the track as well!

secret MAIKO lips

band-maiko secret maiko lips



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