Shuukan Idol – April Fools Edition

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In this week’s  Shuukan Idol, we get a handful of MVs from BAND-MAIKO, EMPiRE, Cheeky Parade, and more. There is also a graduation notice from Momusu and some more details for a few new groups from Up-Front. That and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> BAND-MAID go traditional and transform into BAND-MAIKO

April fools is a big time for some groups and agencies to play some pretty interesting pranks on fans. This time BAND-MAID are doing a funny by turning into a Japanese cover band complete with traditional instruments. Well played BAND-MAID, well played.

> EMPiRE get hospitalized for their Black to the dreamlight MV

Being an idol group under WACK can be dangerous. In fact, we can use EMPiRE as an example because they managed to end up in a hospital bed covered in bandages for an MV. From there we get a pretty weird combination of scenes that are all … pretty awesome.

> UP-FRONT reveals their plans for 2 new groups

UP-FRONT have finally revealed more details for their 2 newest idol groups. Featuring 3 kenkyuusei members, we’ll get to see a pretty unique spin on the idol formula. Full details for the new concepts are available above, they are something else!

> Cheeky Parade go all out for their Answer digital single

Cheeky Parade are a pretty talented group that unfortunately has had no physical releases in a year. That’s not changing anytime soon. But, at least we got 3 new MVs that are all pretty unique. From a rock ballad to a completely random K-pop styled song with English lyrics, there’s so much to enjoy with this release.

> Ogata Haruna will graduate from Morning Musume ’18 and Hello! Project

The time has come. Ogata Haruna has announced her decision to leave the group in order to follow her dreams. What are her dreams? You’ll have to check that post above to find out more information about her reason for leaving and when she will graduate. Best of luck Haruna!

> NGT48 secretly dance in public for their Whatcha Gonna Do MV

Sometimes you just get the urge to dance. No one knows that feeling more than NGT48 who dance to a fairly catchy electronic beat but hide their moves to stay undercover. It’s subtle but worth a look for fans of NGT48 who need a slow but catchy song.

> Juice=Juice sing in the moonlight for their Naite Ii yo MV

It’s alright to cry  is a great motto to live by, and no one knows that more than Juice=Juice. For their latest release they are showing off a soft instrumental with plenty of scenes of the members crying. It’s a nice opener to what’s sure to be an epic release. Enjoy it above!


This week we have There There Theres and their MV for SOIL. Out since March 21st, the single will be their 3rd release.

There are only so many idol fans to go around. Not surprisingly, THERE THERE THERES are taking action by getting fans as early as they can by performing for a crowd of small children. Are they interested in the show? Not at all. But they do their best to watch as a group of idols sing in front of them.

Heck, they even get help from a random girl in the audience who jumps on stage and starts placing apples on trees behind them. She then does a perfect representation of what I would do if I was in a similar situation and stands there motionless as the lights turn off.

It’s a slow song but it’s a pretty catchy release that’s well worth a listen, so make sure to check it out below!


Don’t stand there motionless like that girl, click on the link below to grab a copy of their SOIL EP on iTunes:


That’s it for this week’s “not really April Fools” day post, stay tuned for the next one!