Cheeky Parade Go All Out For Their “Answer” Digital Single

cheeky parade answer i don't care marigold

Cheeky Parade go all out for their digital single titled Answer.

Out since February 14th, the single will also include the songs marigold / I Don’t Care.

It’s been almost a year since we last got a physical release from Cheeky Parade. Unfortunately that’s not going to change soon with their next digital only release being released a few months back.

Is that digital single worth a look? Thankfully, we have MVs for all of the tracks, check them out below!

Cheeky Parade

Kicking us off we get some scenes of the members as they sing in a circle. It’s the perfect visual for this song though since the song has an upbeat ballad feel to it with a slight rock sound. It’s relaxing and well worth a look simply because of how great the vocals sound.

Cheeky Parade

Need to chill a bit? Then marigold is the song for you. The beat is relaxed and the scenes of the members standing around across the city makes for a great backdrop for this song. The fact that the scenes are all muted in color makes for an amazing visual that pairs well with the slight electronic beat in this release

I Don’t Care
Cheeky Parade

I Don’t Care doesn’t care about your genres and goes for a completely different sound. It has a cool K-pop-ish sound that has a heavy electronic beat to it, making for a unique combination that doesn’t really fit the group that well. Unfortunately we don’t get unique visuals for this release, but the song is well worth a listen simply because of how out there it is.

Overall this release has a wide amount of variety for fans to enjoy. If you’re a Cheeky Parade fan then you’ll feel right at home for this release. Make sure to check out the cover below and grab a copy of the single if you haven’t already!

cheeky parade answer marigold i don't care cover digital single



  1. Answer
  2. marigold
  3. I Don’t Care

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