FES☆TIVE Bring The Colorful Party In Their MV For “Yamatonadeshiko Sunrise”

festive yamatonadeshiko sunrise

FES☆TIVE bring the colorful party in the MV for their single titled Yamatonadeshiko Sunrise.

Out May 23rd, the single will be released in Type A, B, and C.

How many colors can the human eye see? Not as many as the amount of colors included in this MV, that’s for sure. Yes, the latest MV from FES☆TIVE is packed full of lights, shining walls, and colorful graphics for fans to enjoy.

On one hand it’s an extremely well done MV with a unique setting that’s sure to impress anyone who watches it. On the other hand, it does take multiple watches to fully appreciate everything included because there is so much to take in.

But, that’s easy to do because the song is among the best I’ve heard from FES☆TIVE. It has notes of traditional Japanese instruments, a strong electronic beat, and playful vocals that all combine to give us an impressive song that’s sure to get stuck in your head.

Enjoy the latest from FES☆TIVE below and grab a copy of their single to show your support!

Yamatonadeshiko Sunrise

festive yamatonadeshiko sunrise cover type a
Type A


festive yamatonadeshiko sunrise cover type b
Type B


festive yamatonadeshiko sunrise cover type c
Type C