Malcolm Mask McLaren Rock Out On Stage For Their “This World” MV

malcolm mask mclaren lights on

Malcolm Mask McLaren rock out on stage in the MV for their track titled This World. 

Out May 15th, the  track is part of their 3rd single titled Light on!!

After shredding up some gnarly ‘tubes for their Light on! MV, Malcolm Mask McLaren are back to promote the B-side of their latest single with a live MV. Yes, the MV is more of an official audio video but it manages to show off some rather impressive scenes of the members as they perform on stage.

But, it’s the song that we came for and thankfully it’s a delight to enjoy. It has a heavy easycore vibe to it, with the vocals playing nicely with the beat. It’s a solid addition to the single and could have easily been an A-side on it’s own.

If you haven’t already, grab yourself a copy of that single before you check out that live MV!

This World
Malcolm Mask McLaren

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