Maison book girl Do Artistic Stuff In The MV For “Raincoat to Kubi no Nai Tori”

maison book girl elude

Maison book girl do artistic stuff in the MV for their track titled Raincoat to Kubi no Nai Tori.

Out June 20th, the track is part of their latest single titled elude.

Trying to describe a Maison book girl MV is like trying to explain the meaning of life with a pile of sticks. It’s next to impossible to describe all of the artistic scenes that pop up throughout the video. In one scene they’re shooting stuff with an umbrella, in another they’re dancing in darkness with shining outfits. It’s a bag of artistic treats that’s sure to delight some and confuse many.

As for the song, have you ever heard a Maison book girl song? Then you pretty much have a good idea of what to expect for this release. The same playful tone in most of their releases makes a return, which might be a hit or miss for those who feel the sound is overused. Thankfully, Raincoat to Kubi no Nai Tori still manages to hold its own as a solid release.

Check out the MV below and grab a copy of the single to show your support for this artistic release!

Raincoat to Kubi no Nai Tori
Maison book girl

maison book girl elude cover


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