SHACHI Walks The Streets At Night In The Chill MV For “Turn Up The Music”

mashilo shachi

SHACHI walks the streets at night in the MV for her 8th digital single titled Turn Up The Music.

Out July 13th, the track will be released on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

Mashilo is an idol of many talents. She’s part of CY8ER, she’s a former member of DEEP GIRL, and she also has a solo hip hop project called SHACHI. In fact, her solo project SHACHI has seen great success, with her finally releasing her debut MV after 8 digital singles. So, was her debut MV worth the wait?

It’s a simple release, packed full of night time scenes in the city. As she walks through the streets, we get to enjoy a chill beat that combines perfectly with Mashilo’s soft voice. The end result is a surprisingly strong debut for SHACHI, with the visuals having just the right amount of light to play well with each other.

It’s an impressive debut from this talented idol and a song that fans of chill hip hop should take note of. Check out the MV below and check out her other singles below!

Turn Up The Music

shachi mashilo

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