Matsui Jurina Announces Hiatus Due To Her Health

ske48 matsui jurina

SKE48 member Matsui Jurina has announced that she will go on hiatus.

According to the announcement by SKE48, Matsui has not been in the best physical condition lately, with her having to take breaks from activities in the past. Now she will have to pause all her activities in order to focus on medical treatment.

Due to her physical condition, she will not be updating her social media accounts or participating in any SKE48/AKB48 activities, including the show Produce 48.

No specific details were given as to what her condition is and what caused the need for medical treatment. It’s unknown when she will be back from hiatus. It’s also unknown how this will affect the AKB48’s 53rd single titled Sentimental Train, due to Matsui Jurina recently being elected the center for that release.

For now we wish a quick recovery to Matsui Jurina and hope she feels healthier soon.