QUEENS Rock Out In The Chill Lyric MV For “Never Ending Song”

queens 2018 idol

QUEENS have released an official lyric video for their new song titled Never Ending Song.

It has been some time since the debut of QUEENS, a new unit featuring some new idol hopefuls with a dance rock concept. Thankfully, we have a new song to enjoy in the form of a lyric video and it’s a treat.

Featuring photos of the members, we get to enjoy a variety of mostly random scenes as the song plays. It has a slight emo rock sound which combines well with the images. But, the best part about this release is the fact that the song was written by one of the members, NANAMI (short dark hair on the right) which is rare to see in groups nowadays.

Make sure to check out the song and why not give the video a like to show your support? They’re a promising group in the idol world!

Never Ending Song