CY8ER Enjoy A Rainy Night Out In The MV For “Kataomoiwazurai”

cy8er vip

CY8ER enjoy a rainy night out in the MV for Kataomoiwazurai.

Have you ever wanted to see CY8ER as they walk around in rain and sing? That is a very specific thing to want but, hey, it happened.

In this MV, we get to see CY8ER as they make their way through the streets and sing while they use umbrellas. The lighting as the rain pours is simply incredible and makes for a fun addition to the other random scenes where the group does anything and everything.

As for the song, Kataomoiwazurai has a fun and heavy sound. We get the traditional CY8ER lines that are soft and full of adorable tones. But, the addition of heavier parts during the song make for a fun mix between the two.

It’s a stand alone MV so we don’t have any details about a new single or album, but it’s well worth a look. Make sure to check it out below!