Iketeru Hearts Defeat Idol Bullies In The MV For “HEARTS OF JOURNEY”

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Iketeru Hearts do things in the MV for their track titled HEARTS OF JOURNEY.

Out September 11th, the track is part of their new album titled Lovely Hearts.

There are 4 editions for this release: Side A, B, C, and L. SIDE A and SIDE B will have completely different tracks, except for the track HEARTS OF JOURNEY. SIDE L will be a vinyl release containing 10 songs, 2 of which are new.

If you want all the tracks in one place then SIDE C is your best choice. It will feature all the songs from SIDE A and B as well as remixes for Karma Stripe, Rosetta Stone, and HEARTS OF JOURNEY. It will also have a DVD containing the MVs for those previously mentioned tracks and a Making Of for HEARTS OF JOURNEY.

That being said, how’s the MV for HEARTS OF JOURNEY? Well, if you’re into seeing justice being served then you’re in luck. In this MV we get to see Iketeru Hearts help out their teammates who have just gotten their money stolen by a couple of bullies who are also their teammates.

Do they punch them? Do they go full Batman? No, they sing to them and move at lightning speed to help defeat them. It’s not known by many but idol music is the most powerful of all weapons. Heck, it can even stop shuriken and turn bullies into idols.

So, how powerful is this song? It’s pretty upbeat, with a sound that is complemented by a light touch of Eurobeat. It’s not the most complicated of songs but the vocals and the fun beat help give it a unique sound that is sure to be loved by many.

Don’t steal money from idols, or anyone for that manner. Instead, watch the MV and grab a copy or two of the album since it’s sure to be a must have for Iketeru Hearts fans!

Iketeru Hearts

Here is the original upload which appears to have some slowdown at the start:

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