Perform On Stage For Their “Precious Summer!” Live MV

dempagumi inc precious summer cover perform on stage for their Precious Summer! live MV.

Out September 26th, the single will be available in 3 editions.

Who’s ready for more Good, because we just got a new live MV to enjoy this week showing off their newest track in all of its energetic glory.

Do we get a fancy MV with a fun story line? Nope, just a live performance of the song packed full of fast paced dance movements from all of the members. This is perfect since the song is incredibly energetic, allowing us the opportunity to enjoy the song without being worn out.

It’s so energetic that the borders can’t keep up and change rapidly back and forth in different patterns and colors. So, if you’re sensitive with flashing images make sure to skip this one because it’s color coded to every member’s line and you know how fast paced their songs can be.

We’re unsure if we’ll get to see a proper MV or if this is what we’re going to get for this single, but either way it’s a great way to enjoy their single. Check it out below!

Precious Summer!

dempagumi inc precious summer cover limited a
Limited A


dempagumi inc precious summer cover limited b
Limited B


dempagumi inc precious summer cover regular