X21 Take The Spotlight In The MV For “Destiny”

x21 destiny

X21 take the spotlight in the MV for their 12th single titled Destiny.

Out September 9th the single will be released in 4 editions.

In this video, we get to see the group as they sing on stage and smile to the camera. So far it’s a pretty basic idol MV, but if you need some more excitement in your life then you’ll be glad to see that there are also scenes of them dancing on a rooftop. Add in some sections where we get to see them moving in slow motion and you have yourself a decent MV.

As for the song, it’s a fun beat packed full of trumpets and piano which all combine perfectly with the vocals from the members. Yes, it’s a relatively light song but the sound is one that’s sure to be enjoyed by idol fans everywhere.

It’s your destiny to check out this MV, so make sure to check it out below and grab a copy of that single to show your support!


x21 destiny cover limited a
Limited A


x21 destiny cover limited b
Limited B


x21 destiny cover limited c
Limited C


x21 destiny cover regular