the mistress Light It Up In The MV For “Lonely crowd”

the mistress

the mistress light it up in the MV for Lonely crowd.

It’s the weekend, you need to chill a bit and enjoy a fun night in. How about some hardcore idol music to relax? You’re in luck because the mistress recently released their MV for Lonely crowd and it’s so good.

the mistress have a unique approach to this release. Instead of going for fancy settings, we instead have a simple floor where the members dance and sing. The visual effects add in some variety, but the smoke and makeup tie the MV together which makes it a tad more interesting.

The true standout of this release is the song and oh boy, it’s a good one. There’s intense guitars, heavy screams, and some electronic elements (courtesy of the composer from the electronic hardcore band THREE LIGHTS DOWN KINGS). Add in some clean vocals and you have yourself a stand out release.

No release date for this track has been announced, but it seems like they’re doing a good job of drumming up hype for their delightfully misspelled October tour titled ANYTING GOES TOUR. Make sure to check out this MV!

Lonely crowd
the mistress

the mistress OHP |


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