BILLIE IDLE Walk And Greet Everyone In The MV For “Everydays”

billie idle not idol

BILLIE IDLE walk and greet everyone in the MV for Everydays.

Out November 7th, the track is part of their 5th album titled Not Idol.

BILLIE IDLE are back with their unique style of not idol music for a rather calm release that fans are sure to enjoy. In fact, it’s not only fans who enjoy it since we get to see the members walk down a path as they’re followed by a group of people to cheer them on.

It’s not exactly the most fast paced of releases but we get to see them greet a lot of people in a still shot release. They can’t even walk 3 steps without greeting someone to join their group. For some, this would be their worst nightmare but for BILLIE IDLE it seems like the perfect opportunity to sing along to the MV with a harmonica at hand.

It’s a chill release and one that fans are sure to appreciate since it gives everyone a good idea of what to expect for their latest album. Check it out below!


billie idle not idol cover