Perfume to perform at Coachella Music Festival

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Perfume will be performing at Coachella Music Festival.

They will be performing on April 14th and April 21st.

This is pretty big:

Well … not Perfume’s name since it’s kind of small and hidden away but the news of them being part of Coachella is pretty big.

Perfume are arguably one of Japan’s most famous groups and the fact that this is their first performance at this music (and arts) festival is a pretty big achievement for them. Most of the headliners for this show are big American acts such as Ariana Grande and attendance for this event was 750,000 back in 2017 so this is a great way to get more people interested in their music.

They are not the first Japanese acts to do so, since the legendary X JAPAN has already been part of it before with garage punk group Otoboke Beaver following close behind. In fact, there will also be some South Korean artists in the mix, BLACKPINK and HYUKOH which is a good sign that we could see a more diverse lineup next year.

For those brave souls who will be in Indio, California, make sure to check out their performance. The rest of us who are not too into the whole “massive ocean of people” kind of concerts will stay at home and wave our Perfume CDs in support.

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