Qumali Depart run through the streets at night in the MV for “Sekaikei”

qumali depart shadaikun

Qumali Depart run through the streets at night in the MV for their track titled Sekaikei.

Out now, the track is part of their 2nd single titled Shadaikun.

Qumali Depart are getting more and more known among the idol scene, and it seems like they’re celebrating their latest release by spending a night out and singing to their song Sekaikei.

For those who might not be too familiar with Qumali Depart, this is a solid song to start off with. It’s a rock ballad, with a beat that is sure to make you want to run. Conveniently enough, that’s one of the scenes we get to see in the MV, where the members run, chill, and do pretty normal things out at night.

It’s a pretty relaxing MV for the most part, with the night theme being the perfect way to show off the song. It’s not too complicated and the scenes have a feel that they are not as polished compared to other groups, which is perfectly fine since they match the sound of the song.

Make sure to check out this chill night MV from Qumali Depart and grab a copy of that single to show your support!

Qumali Depart

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