Nogizaka46’s Eto Misa announces her graduation

nogizaka46 eto misa

Nogizaka46 member Eto Misa has announced that she will be graduating from the group.

According to her blog, she has thought about graduating from Nogizaka46 since lasy year. She mentions how she feels lucky for being able to work in an environment like this. However, she has decided to look forward and continue on by herself.

Her last concert will be a solo concert and is scheduled for March 19th, while her last handshake event will take place on March 31st.

While sad, it’s touching to see that Eto Misa will have a solo concert so that fans are able to say goodbye while she enjoys the spotlight. Sure, the graduation date is fast approaching, but we still have some time with her as part of Nogizaka46.

For now, I encourage those in the area to check out Misa’s graduation concert at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo. Best of luck Eto Misa! | Eto Misa Blog