Wa-suta are going to Anime North in Toronto

wa-suta the world standard canada 2019

Wa-suta (The World Standard) have announced that they will be performing at Anime North in Toronto, Canada.

Here are some ticket details for those interested in going:

Adult – Weekend Ticket
$60 CDN

Adult – Single Day Ticket
Friday only: $35 CDN
Saturday only: $45 CDN
Sunday only: $35 CDN

Those who have a weekend or Saturday pass will be able to get into the concert for free. The concert itself will take place at The Toronto Congress Centre Hall C on May 25th, with doors opening at 7:00 PM.

This is their first trip to Canada but an expected one since Wa-suta have been making their way through different countries while they promote the idol culture outside of Japan. They’ve already had a chance to perform at Paris, Madrid, Thailand, and Vietnam, so a performance in North America is welcome.

Will they come down to the states? Time will tell, but for now it’s sure to be a fun performance for our neighbors up north to enjoy. Make sure to go if you’re in the area!

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