Ayuni D’s solo project PEDRO is moving to EMI Records, announces new album and tour

ayuni d pedro

The solo project for BiSH’s Ayuni D titled PEDRO will be moving to EMI Records and will be releasing an all new, full album.

The announcement was done during a live event and was soon followed by a trailer video on PEDRO’s Youtube channel. The video contains graphic depictions of Jello pie, Dr. Pepper shotgunning, and ketchup being squirted on spaghetti.

The news of PEDRO moving to EMI Records is a bit of a surprise since many fans thought of this project as a simple experiment. However, it seems like Ayuni D. is looking to further her musical career and this seems like the perfect way for her to release even more music for us to enjoy on a new label.

Those who are faint of heart or have good taste might want to skip the video, but if you’re feeling brave give it a click. The rest of us will wait here in the back for that new album.