Morning Musume ’19 announce 67th single, titled “Seishun Night / Jinsei Blues”

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Morning Musume ’19 have announced their 67th single titled Seishun Night / Jinsei Blues.

Out June 12th, the single will be released in 5 editions: SP, Limited A/B, and Regular A/B.

The limited editions will include a bonus DVD, which is pretty standard for a Hello! Project release. However, there will also be a unique addition to this release: AR. The AR video will be included with a trading card within the limited editions where certain members featured on the cards will talk with each other.

We also do have some titles to enjoy and so far they seem rather fun (and they’re written and composed by Tsunku). Seishun Night seems youthful and fun while Jinsei Blues appears to have a more adult sound to it.

Those who have gone to the concerts have had a chance to enjoy the songs, so there are some concert recordings out there in the wild. We have no idea where you can find them unfortunately.


Seishun Night (Live)
Morning Musume ’19


Jinsei Blues (Live)
Morning Musume ’19

For now, we can look forward to some more Momusu music within a month which is fantastic. Get hyped!

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