Broken By The Scream rock out in the rock-filled MV for “Aiha Kiminomi”


Broken By The Scream rock out in the rock-filled MV for Aiha Kiminomi.

Out October 9th, the track is part of their 2nd full album titled Noisy Night Fever.

The song Aiha Kiminomi will be used as the theme song for the video game Onee-chan Chambara ORIGIN.

It’s been so long since we last heard of Broken By The Scream, but it seems like fans of this fantastic group are in for a treat. There’s a new album in the horizon and they’ve just released an amazing MV to promote it in the most hardcore of places: a stone quarry.

Taking place among some giant stones we see the members wearing all black as they jam out to the fast paced drum beat. It’s an intense song packed full of low and high screaming vocals, with the band playing above the members.

The face paint used by Io is a nice touch, as is the sword slashing effects that are added throughout. There’s even a fight scene added in for dramatic effect, which is sure to match the intensity of the video game. Apart from that you basically get to see the members looking cool among some stones, which is a nice change compared to other groups.

This is another hit from Broken By The Scream, so make sure to give it a watch below. And also, if you’re a fan of them and have Spotify, check them out there since they’ve just added An Alien’s Portrait for your jamming pleasure.

Aiha Kiminomi
Broken By The Scream

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