i☆Ris put on a magic show in the MV for “FANTASTIC ILLUSION”

i☆Ris fantastic illusion

i☆Ris put on a magic show in the MV for their 19th single titled FANTASTIC ILLUSION.

Out August 28th, the single will be available in Limited, Regular, and Anime editions.

The song FANTASTIC ILLUSION will be the OP theme for the anime Tejina Senpai.

Magic is one of those things that we haven’t seen idols explore that often. But, i☆Ris are changing that trend with their latest MV which is packed to the brim with magic, wonder, and a large budget to decorate the set.

It’s a rather impressive MV since the entire stage is full with the typical stuff you’d expect to see from a magician. Giant hats, cards, and a checkerboard floor. But, the layout of everything is pretty fun and colorful, which makes for the perfect pairing with the light and upbeat sound of the song.

The vocals are a tad on the relaxed side, but there are a variety of spoken lines in there that present the show to listeners, adding a sense of realism. That along with the all-out layout of the MV is a treat to enjoy.

Those who are looking for their magic fix are in for an amazing time with i☆Ris’s latest MV, so check it out below and grab that copy of the single!


i☆Ris fantastic illusion cover limited

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i☆Ris fantastic illusion cover regular

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i☆Ris fantastic illusion cover anime
Anime Ver.

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