NMB48 ” Must Be Now” Previews Released

NMB48 Must Be Now

MVs for tracks featured on NMB48’s new single Must Be Now have been released.

The short MVs were uploaded recently for all of the tracks of their upcoming release.

So far the main track is sounding quite solid with a K-pop inspired style and sound that fits the group perfectly. The rest of the single has a variety of sounds, from the J-pop upbeat feel in Katamoi Yori mo Omoide wo … to the hip 80’s styled Goodbye GuitarKufuku de Renai wo Suru na has more of a stronger pop feel with some electronic elements that many will love while Yume ni Iro ga Nai Riyuu has a more ballad sense to it.

Here are the covers:

NMB48 Must Be Now Covers

It’s shaping up to be a quite solid release so I definitely encourage everyone to get a copy of the single they enjoy!

The single will be released on October 7.

Check out the MVs after the break!

Must Be Now

Kataomoi Yori mo Omoide wo …

Goodbye Guitar

Kufuku de Renai wo Suru na

Yume ni Iro ga Nai Riyuu