BAND-MAID Announce New Album “New Beginning”


BAND-MAID have announced the release of a new mini-album titled New Beginning.

The mini-album will feature 9 songs, including a remastered version of their song Thrill alongside a DVD packed with MVs.

Maid costumes. Japan is probably more well known for this particular outfit than anything else due to their use in Anime, and yet not many bands have used them to their full potential. Enter BAND-MAID.

This particular band has a heavy rock sound alongside English vocals and a maid outfit theme that is sure to please many fans. Being a big fan of SCANDAL I was happy to see that the band features a unique style of rock to complement their look since at first glance it seemed to be simply a gimmick.

Regardless, the band is promoting New Beginning with the release of an MV for a new song posted after the break. Those who don’t know the band that well are certainly in for a treat since it’s similar to SCANDAL with a hard rock sound combined with the adorable maid costumes!

The release date is set for November 4.