Juice=Juice To Act in “Budoukan” TV Drama


Juice=Juice will be acting as the members of a fictional idol group titled NEXT YOU in the TV drama titled Budoukan.

The series follows the group as they strive to perform at the famous Nippon Budoukan. Tsunku, former Hello! Project producer will be included as well where he will be producing the group as well as composing songs and images for the costumes and choreography for the group. The drama is based off a book by Ryo Asai.

It doesn’t seem like Tsunku will be acting, but a producer based off him will be acting. It’s somewhat sad to see that he won’t but due to his situation it’s understandable. Still, this is great news for the group since it seems like a great way to promote their abilities while getting some acting experience.

There is an interesting tidbit though, Juice=Juice will be acting as NEXT YOU while the drama is being broadcasted, with handshake events, lives, as well as TV performances as the fictional group so fans are in for a treat since they’ll get a chance to enjoy a real life version of the drama.

The series will start shooting in November so make sure to check it out!

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