NEXT YOU “Next is You!” Single Announced

NEXT YOU Juice Juice

Juice=Juice’s fictional idol alter ego NEXT YOU will be releasing their 1st single titled Next is you!

As we mentioned before, Juice=Juice will be playing a fictional idol band called NEXT YOU and they would be releasing singles under that name while the drama Budoukan played out and it seems like we’re already getting a new single announcement ahead of the drama’s airing.

The title itself isn’t the most creative, but I’m liking how they went for simplicity over a complex and long title. A nice detail is that it will be produced by Tsunku. Those who remember the drama mention might remember that the group in the drama are produced by the legendary producer so it’s nice that he will have a part in this release as well.

Of course, the release was mentioned at a conference so there are not that many details so far, but we should hopefully have a date for release sometime soon.