Stereo Tokyo “PARTY PEOPLE” MV Released

Stereo Tokyo

The MV for Stereo Tokyo’s PARTY PEOPLE has been released.

These EDM idols have a unique style to them that make them stand out from the other idols, with a catchy electronic sound that is sure to make you move your head along to the beat. It reminds me of Perfume, but of course with more members and a more EDM style.

The setting of the video is a crazy party with people waving lightsticks, carrying cakes, and dancing along to the music as a story unfolds. Things get hectic when the senior citizens hit the scene, bringing with them enough foam cannons to cover everyone in attendance. As weird as that might sound, it makes the video much more unique and complements the visuals well.

The single was released on October 28, so it’s brand new on store shelves for you to enjoy!

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