MARIA “Me Gumi no Hito” And “Getchu” MVs Released


Two MVs for MARIA’s latest single titled Me Gumi no Hito and the coupling song Getchu have been released.

Me Gumi no Hito features the group’s unique style of rock that sets them apart, and while it might be a sound for everyone I am loving how it looks and sounds since not many idols go the route of old-timey rock with sunglasses and backpacks. Highly recommended if you’re bored of the typical idol groups!

In MARIA’s Getchu we get to enjoy them without their sunglasses for a more upbeat sound with them dancing on a red platform in front of a dark backdrop. Compared to the previous video it’s not exactly the most visually entertaining with only a dance shot, but it’s quite fitting for the song.

It’s been out for a while, specifically October 21, so those who love the MVs won’t have to wait!


Me Gumi no Hito