Namie Amuro “Red Carpet” Single Announced

Namie Amuro has announced the release of her single titled Red Carpet.

  1. Red Carpet
  2. Black Make Up
  3. Red Carpet (Instrumental)
  4. Black Make Up (Instrumental)

According to the description, it appears to be a slight ballad with a warm sound, with the b-side having a more uptempo beat to contrast the main track. The DVD will feature the MV of Red Carpet alongside the Making Of.

With a red ribbon on the covers, it seems like we are in for a solid release from Namie with a pair of songs that cover up a multitude of genres. There is no preview at the moment, but December 2 is the release date, so we will probably find out in a few weeks how the release sounds!

Site: Namie Amuro Avex Site