Namie Amuro 42nd Single Announced

Namie Amuro Mint Profile Picture

Namie Amuro has announced the release of her 42nd single titled Mint.

The single will be used as the theme song for the drama Boku no Yabai Tsuma, and will be released on May 18th.

There will only be two versions of the release: CD Only and a limited edition CD+DVD version.

While details of the actual single might be scarce, it’s good to note that the single will be recieving great promotion with it being used as the theme song for the drama.

We’ll be getting a preview of the song when the drama premieres mid-April so make sure to tune in for that, and if you like what you hear definitely get a copy so that you can enjoy this great release!

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Namie Amuro “Red Carpet” MV Released

Namie Amuro Red Carpet

The MV for Namie Amuro’s Red Carpet has been released.

With a solid sound and a strong voice, we get to enjoy a perfect song with a nice beat that is sure to have fans putting the song on repeat.

Sure, there might not be any red carpets in the short preview we saw, but it’s still a nice video with a little town setting that invokes a calm feeling as she sings in the streets.

Make sure to check out the Red Carpet site for a chance to customize the MV with three different colors of outfits. Apart from that, December 2 is the release date, so just a few weeks until then!

Source: Namie Amuro OHP | Red Carpet Namie Amuro Site

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