Perfume To Release Vinyls Of Older Albums

Perfume Band

Perfume will be re-releasing their albums from Complete Best to Perfume Global Compilation: Love the World on 180g vinyl.

They will be released individually as well as a complete box titled Perfume Complete LP BOX which will feature a special packaging. The graphics will have both covers for the releases and will be from the time the group was under the Tokuma Japan Communications umbrella.

Complete Best (2006)
Code: TKJA-10061
Price: ¥3,611

GAME (2008)
Code: TKJA-10062
Price: ¥3,611

⊿ (2009)
Code: TKJA-10063
Price: ¥3,611

JPN (2011)
Code: TKJA-10064
Price: ¥3,611

Perfume Global Compilation “LOVE THE WORLD” (2012)
Code: TKJA-10065
Price: ¥4,259 (2 Vinyls)

Perfume Complete “LP” BOX (Includes all the Five albums in a special packaging)
Code: TKJA-10066
Price: ¥18,704

As a big fan of Perfume, and as someone who’s recently started to take a liking to vinyl records, I am excited about this announcement! Vinyls have steadily risen as a popular, old-school method for groups to release music in high quality and thankfully a few J-pop groups have taken note.

Preorders appear to be open so make sure to check the link for info on how to do that, but we should see them being released on February 17!

Source: Tokuma Site | Perfume Disco