Yumemiru Adolescence “Mai Jene” MV Released

Yumemiru Adolescence Mai Jene

Yumemiru Adolescence has revealed the MV for their newest single titled Mai Jene.

There will be 6 versions: one CD/DVD version alongside 5 solo versions.

After releasing a series of solo songs and now solo versions for the members, it seems like the company has done an amazing job of showing off just how great the vocals of each member are.

Thankfully today we get to enjoy them together again as a group and the video pretty much speaks for itself.

With a catchy rock instrumental alongside some upbeat vocals and plenty of seifuku, we get to enjoy a nice idol song that is sure to catch the attention of fans everywhere. It’s a nice touch to have the school as a background as well with the students a unique touch, that is until they start dancing alongside the members.

In the end the video is catchy and has a fun feel to it that reflects the spirit of the group well (the angel wings at the end are just amazing). Having the random spoken lines makes for a perfect MV that fans shouldn’t miss out on as well.

The single will be out January 20, so it will be welcoming the new year!

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