nanoCUNE “Guru Guru Earth” MV Released


nanoCUNE have released the MV for their single titled Guru Guru Earth.

From the get go we get a nice and jumpy electronic sound that is sure to awaken the “Perfume senses” since the trip has a similar sound to the group, but with a happier sound and less of a techy feel.

In a way, it’s a nice balance since the song is easier to follow and focuses more on the vocals, and while it seems like they are solid the only thing that is a bit distracting is the video itself. With glitches and effects abounding, it seems like the director found the effects while editing and decided to test each and every one that came in the software.

Regardless, the song itself is solid for a group like nanoCUNE and is highly recommended for fans to check out. Thankfully we won’t have to wait since the single has been out since November 4, so get that copy if you like the video!

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