AND CRAZY “Kanjou Bakuha Rain” MV Released


AND CRAZY have revealed the MV for their song titled Kanjou Bakuha Rain.

The song itself is active with a strong rock feel to it that is sure to make fans want to rock out alongside to the upbeat sound. With a dark forest theme and a band consisting of members in gas masks and helmets, it fits the theme quite well and makes for an amazing video.

The main thing I had a bit of trouble with was getting into the vocals. Sure, they’re amazing on their own but they don’t seem to match at times. Regardless the main standout for me was definitely Aria who has an adorable look, matching the feel of the song with the black and white dresses.

Overall, it’s a solid video with a catchy song that fans of SCANDAL or Silent Siren will enjoy since it has a rock feel to it, albeit heavier.

December 2 is the date of release, so just a few more weeks!