Musubizm 2nd Single Announced, Titled “Maho no Kagi o Teni Iretara”


Musubizm have announced the release of their 2nd single titled Maho no Kagi o Teni Iretara.

Out November 15th, the single will be available in Regular, Kin, and Aya versions.

Their 1st single titled Mae wo Muke! was fairly well received, with the song being a personal favorite of mine due to the catchy relaxed sound. As a result, I’m fairly excited about what we will be able to enjoy from this unique idol group.

According to the description the song will be up-tempo with a swinging melody which will be done by a member of The Mirraz who will helping out with the song writing and arrangement.

We still have quite some time before the release of the single so hopefully we get a bit more information in the coming months! | Musubizm OHP