callme 2nd Album Announced, Titled “This is callme”

callme this is album

Idol trio callme have announced the release of a 2nd album titled This is callme.

Out September 28th, the album will be available in 3 versions: Regular, Limited A and B, as well as an exclusive mu-mo edition.

The album will contain songs such as Can not change nothing as well as Confession.

With a fair amount of singles and one album under their belts, it’s great to see that callme have made a name for themselves in the idol scene with some catchy, mature styled songs for fans to enjoy.

From looking at the covers and track lists below we are in for a jam packed release, with 16 tracks (3 which are interludes) for everyone to listen. The covers themselves show off an interesting use of exposure, with the members being illuminated in a white flash in front of dark backgrounds.

If you haven’t picked up a callme release before or are missing a few singles, make sure to get a copy of this album since it’s promising to be a must have release!

callme This is album movie
Type A (CD + DVD)


  1. Sing along
  2. Run Run Run
  3. In my dream
  4. Life
  5. Interlude1
  6. Can not change nothing
  7. I like you
  8. Awaking
  9. Interlude2
  10. Confession
  11. Hello new world
  12. Real love
  13. So beautifully
  14. Interlude3
  15. Take my time
  16. Cosmic walk


  1. Sing along -Music Video-
  2. Confession -Music Video-
  3. Can not change nothing -Music Video-

callme This is album cd
Type B (CD)


Same as above

callme This is album 2cd
Type C (2 CD)

CD 1

Same as above

CD 2

  1. My Style (Remix)
  2. just trust (Remix)
  3. To shine (Remix)
  4. game is mine (Remix)
  5. change my life (Remix)
  6. Like a breeze (Remix)
  7. Falling for you (Remix)

callme This is album mumo
mu-mo ・ Event Version

  1. Sing along
  2. In my dream
  3. Life
  4. Can not change nothing
  5. Confession
  6. Real love
  7. So beautifully
  8. Take my time

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