Babyraids JAPAN “Cinderella Jairarenai” MV Released

Babyraids JAPAN Nippon Chu

Babyraids JAPAN have released the MV for a track from their upcoming 2nd album titled Cinderella Jairarenai.

Out September 21st, the track is part of their 2nd album titled Nippon Chu! Chu! Chu!

With a strong rock instrumental packed with passionate vocals and a catchy sound, Babyraids JAPAN show off the energy included in their upcoming 2nd album.

Visually it’s a treat, with a projection being played as they sing their way through the song. The lyrics display alongside scenes of them performing as a group during lives, as well as scenes of them posing together and solo during the song.

Song-wise, it’s packed with an amazing sound that is just a treat. Electronic elements, guitar-led instrumental, and energy packed vocals all make for a surprisingly solid song.

Make sure to check out the MV below and grab a copy of Babyraids JAPAN’s 2nd album since it’s promising to turn out to be an amazing release so far!

Alternate Version

Babyraids JAPAN Nippon Chu Type C
Type C – Regular



  1. Ride on IDOROCK
  2. Tora Tora Tiger!!
  3. Senkou Believe
  4. Cinderella Jairarenai
  5. Pretty Little Baby
  6. Manatsu no Fiber!
  7. Baby Kiss
  8. Eikou Sunrise
  9. Hashire, Hashire
  10. Sukoshi Dake
  11. Yoake Brand New Days
  12. Nippon Chu! Chu! Chu

Babyraids JAPAN Nippon Chu Type A
Type A



Same as Regular


  1. Tora Tora Tiger!! (Dance Ver.)
  2. Eikou Sunrise (Dance Ver.)
  3. Pretty Little Baby (Dance Ver.)
  4. Hashire, Hashire (Dance Ver.)
  5. Senkou Believer (Dance Ver.)
  6. Abata ga Ekubo (Live Ver.)
  7. Supernova (Live Ver.)
  8. Juuden Man Tan (Live Ver.)
  9. Michishirube (Live Ver.)
  10. Baby Race (Liver Ver.)
  11. EMOTIONAL IDOROCK FES. (Special Project)

Babyraids JAPAN Nippon Chu Type B
Type B



Same as Regular


  1. overture (Dengeki no Kaminari Mai! 2015)
  2. Baby Race (Dengeki no Kaminari Mai! 2015)
  3. Baby Revolution (SUMMER LIVE 2015)
  4. JUMP (Dengeki no Kaminari Mai! 2015)
  5. Baby Ambitious (Dengeki no Kaminari Mai! 2015)
  6. Koyomi no Ue de wa December (Dengeki no Kaminari Mai! 2015)
  7. Koi wa Panic (Dengeki no Kaminari Mai! 2015)
  8. Buccha ke Rock ‘n Haccha ke Roll (Dengeki no Kaminari Mai! 2015)
  9. Baby Steps (SUMMER LIVE 2015)
  10. Tora Tora Tiger!! (Dengeki no Kaminari Mai! 2015)
  11. Eikou Sunrise (SUMMER LIVE 2015) (Dengeki no Kaminari Mai! 2015)
  12. Yoake Brand New Days (Dengeki no Kaminari Mai! 2015)
  13. Pretty Little Baby (Dengeki no Kaminari Mai! 2015)
  14. Hashire, Hashire (Dengeki no Kaminari Mai! 2015)

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