Hauptharmonie “Reden ist Silber, Tanzen ist Gold” MV Released

Hauptharmonie Reden ist Silber

The MV for Hauptharmonie’s Reden ist Silver, Tanzen ist Gold has been released.

As you might notice from the title of this song, this isn’t your traditional idol group. With a German title and a more British pop sound it combines to form a truly unique sound that hasn’t been heard from idols.

How is the music and the MV like? The MV itself is truly the standout, with a more relaxed sound, combined with the members walking alongside a street as members in suits come out to play alongside them it seems like a laid back video.

Of course, the music isn’t exactly my style but it’s nice to see groups take the risk and try new sounds. I will keep an eye out for this group since they definitely have a nice style to them, check out the video after the break since the single will be out in around a month on December 15!

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