Takoyaki Rainbow “Kuri-bocchi ONEDAY!!” MV Released

Takoyaki Rainbow Kuri-bocchi

The MV for Takoyaki Rainbow’s Kuri-bocchi ONEDAY!! has been released.

4 versions will be available in four versions:

  1. Maido! – Extra song titled “Meccha PUNK”
  2. Ookini – Extra song titled “Tanoshi Kashimashi Osaka ~Oideyasu”
  3. Kansai Limited edition – Extra song titled “Namba de Samba 2”
  4. Limited event edition – DVD and making of

As the video suggests, the song itself is Christmas themed and it’s among the best I’ve seen so far due to the positive energy we get to see from the song. A catchy beat along a happy set of members mix to form a perfect release for the season.

With a train setup as the background, we get to see the members as they sing inside as well as outside with the snow falling. Thought the song was a bit too slow and sad? Add in a dancing Santa that takes the train into space with some electrical deer.

It’s an amazing song so make sure to check it out!

December 16 is the date of release, so just a few more weeks before then!

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