Takoyaki Rainbow “Nanairo Dance” MV Released

Takoyaki Rainbow Nanairo Dance

Takoyaki Rainbow have released the MV for their upcoming single titled Nanairo Dance.

Releasing April 13, this single will be released in 4 versions: Maido!, Ookini!, Kansai Limited, as well as an event-only / mu-mo Limited edition. This will be their major debut single with Avex.

As expected of a group that includes the word “rainbow” in their name, the MV is packed to the brim with colors. From the lights, to the dresses and the Avex labeled lanterns, it seems like Takoyaki Rainbow are debuting with a bang.

The song itself is happy and catchy with a strong electronic feeling that is well worth a look for fans of the happier side of idols.

Make sure to check it out since it’s a colorful treat you can’t pass up!

Takoyaki Rainbow OHP | Natalie.mu | Takoyaki Rainbow CDJapan

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