Takoyaki Rainbow go to school with a Vtuber in the MV for “Nanairo no Kaze”

takoyaki rainbow hibiki ao

Takoyaki Rainbow go to school with Vtuber Hibiki Ao in the MV for Nanairo no Kaze.

Out now, the track is available from digital retailers including iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Nothing says “robots are going to take our jobs” like the surge of virtual idols that have started appearing in the past few years. For some, this is an evolution of Hatsune Miku and simply a complement to the idol industry, to others it might signal the future of entertainment.

Whichever side you’re on, you have to admit that a collaboration between real idols and virtual idols is a pretty interesting step for the industry. As can be seen in the latest Takoyaki Rainbow MV, we get to see them try out this new formula out as the members dance along with the virtual idol Hibiki Ao.

It’s not the most advanced release ever, but it’s expected since these types of collaborations are not that common. The movement is a bit jerky at times, with Ao moving with the gracefulness of an online video game match between people with bad WiFi. But, overall it’s a decent MV that shows off what is sure to be one of many other collaborations to come out in the near future.

Are you into virtual idols? If so, you’ll enjoy the MV below. Not too convinced yet? Maybe the MV will help out. It’s a nice treat for Takoyaki Rainbow fans and one that is sure to get fans talking.

Nanairo no Kaze
Tacoyaki Rainbow feat Hibiki Ao

tacoyaki rainbow hibiki ao cover nanairo no kaze

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