Bandjanaimon! drink up in the alcohol-packed MV for “Sakeppara Dai Sake☆”

bandjanaimon no limit

Bandjanaimon! drink up in the alcohol-packed MV for Sakeppara Dai Sake☆.

Out April 3rd, the track is part of their new album titled NO LIMIT.

Are you in the mood for a laid-back MV? You’re in luck because Bandjanaimon! have a video packed full of them eating and drinking alcohol.

It’s a unique theme and one that I wouldn’t be surprised was made solely because the title of the song is a pun on Sake Paradise. But, it works surprisingly well as we see the members all pound down some beer, sake, shots, mimosas, and more.

Naturally, there’s not much dancing but there are a ton of adorable poses throughout as the members sing along and slowly get drunk. That sounds a bit weird at first, but the song has a pretty nice beat to it, with a nice sense of energy throughout the vocals and instrumental.

Grab your alcoholic drink of choice (if you’re of legal age to drink, of course) and check it out below!

Sakeppara Dai Sake ☆

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bandjanaimon no limit cover regular


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