Shuukan Idol – Drunken Monkey Edition (March 4 – 10)

devil anthem kaede

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a handful of MVs from groups such as Takoyaki Rainbow, LADYBABY, and Bandjanaimon! Add in 3 new additions to UUG (2) and you have our 6 highlights of the week!


> Takoyaki Rainbow go to school with a Vtuber in the MV for Nanairo no Kaze

If you thought that virtual idols were just a fad, well, I have bad news for you. Takoyaki Rainbow have just released an MV alongside Vtuber Hibiki Ao. Some might be a bit skeptical about the collaboration, but it’s honestly a solid MV that is worth a watch. Will Vtubers rule the internet? Maybe, but until then we can enjoy the ride with some quality music.

> Bandjanaimon! drink up in the alcohol-packed MV for Sakeppara Dai Sake☆

Idols are interesting. If they’re not dancing flawlessly to music, they’re doing something that only a perfect human being would do, like drinking alone at a restaurant. It’s a unique theme but one that works well to show off how the Bandjanaimon! members handle alcohol.

> THE BANANA MONKEYS pretend to perform in the one-shot MV for Nanimono

THE BANANA MONKEYS might be one of the most interesting idol groups on the scene. They are amazing at doing unique promotion tactics, and show off a side of idols that other groups wouldn’t do. Like their latest MV, which has an overly cute MV and a music-less MV that shows off how awkward it can get during an MV recording.

> LADYBABY dance in a forest for their epic Riot Anthem MV

There are few things that can truly be called epic. But, the latest LADYBABY MV definitely wins the title. It’s packed to the brim with scenes of the group as they perform in a forest to the brutal tune of screams, powerful vocals, and orchestral instruments. Watch it, it’ll make your day better. Trust me.

> Hachimitsu Rocket become models in the colorful MV for Chuken Hachiko

Sometimes you need to watch an incredibly artistic MV. One packed with vintage CMs and a whole lot of mannequins. Well, Hachimitsu Rocket have you covered with their latest release that shows off the members as they sing while wearing some colorful outfits. Simple, but worth a watch.

> Say hello to the 3 new UP UP GIRLS (2) members

UUG (2) have been growing in popularity ever since they debuted. Naturally, the next step as they grow is to add in more new members to release even more music. After an audition, we finally have the new members and they are something else. Check them out above!

Notable mentions


This week we have Fragrant Drive and their MV for Mune no Okuno Vermillion.

Fragrant Drive are a group that I haven’t heard much of. They don’t seem to have much exposure yet, but it seems like they made a good impression with their latest MV.

In it, we get to see a band playing in the background while the members perform in front. There are some light color changes here and there but it’s a simple release for the most part. The main standout of this release, though, is the song which manages to give it some nice variety with an instrumental and vocals that will make you swoon.

Is it going to be the single best song in the history of mankind? Not at all, but it’s a nice song that scratches that itch for idol music.

Mune no Okuno Vermillion
Fragrant Drive

Dance around the band members and check out the link below for their single:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!