THE BANANA MONKEYS make us read in the MV for “‘THE’ IDOL”, announce “collapsing”

the banana monkeys nihon mukashi

THE BANANA MONKEYS make us read in the MV for “THE” IDOL.

THE BANANA MONKEYS have also announced that the contracts for all of the members have been voided in what they call “collapsing”. As a result, the members will work as free agents during a 2 week period where they can think about who they want to become while also deciding if they want to perform on the already planned concerts.

On April 2nd, the members will meet up again at a concert where it will be the final performance for those who wish to quit. Those who wish to continue will sign renewal contracts to continue performing. Here’s a translation of the announcement courtesy of Pat:

So, that’s something.

THE BANANA MONKEYS are known for being a unique take on idols and this move is a rather interesting one. Sure, it’s most likely just a publicity stunt to bring attention to the fact that one of the members may or may not leave but it’s a pretty interesting way to do this.

Who will be back? We don’t know but we’ll find out soon enough.

Also, they released an MV. There’s not much to say about it other than that it’s packed with images of the lyrics as words and the members posing with teddy bears. It’s pretty relaxing and worth a watch, since this may be the last time we see the final lineup … maybe.